Hand Dyed Scarf Style Guide :: Full Front Tie

thistle and thread design hand dyed neck scarves full front tie

This way of styling our Hand Dyed Neck Scarves is for those times that you just want to look absolutely fabulous. It's so simple to create this look, and you will look great each and every time! 

Full Front Tie

1. Fold any of our large neck scarves in half to make a large triangle. 

2. This style is meant to be loose and billowy, so while you are rolling the scarf into a rectangle be sure not to do it too tightly. 

3. Once it is rolled into a rectangle, tie it close to your neck in a double knot, move the knot to the side of your neck, and fluff the scarf to make it appear larger and more full. 

thistle and thread design hand dyed neck scarves style guide

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