Thistle and Thread Stitch Guide: Stem Stitch

Thistle and Thread Design Embroidery Stitch Guide Stem Stitch

We have been so thrilled to see how the patterns from our Pattern Shop have been used to create such beautiful pieces! Embroidery is such a fun art for us to learn and perfect ourselves, so when we get to teach others how to do the same thing it is so much fun! 

To continue the education and spread of all things fiber we are starting a stitch guide series. We include a stitch guide in all of our pattern downloads and embroidery kits, but we thought that it might be helpful to have a video series to accompany it as well for those who are more inclined to visual learning. 

We are always looking to help you master embroidery, so if you have any questions be sure to leave them below or send us an email to and we will be happy to chat! 

The stem stitch is used in our Bloom Pattern.

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