Brand Story

Thistle and Thread Design Modern Embroidery Art Jordan Kavuma
Hi there!
My name is Jordan Kavuma and I'm the hands behind Thistle and Thread Design. I started this business when I had returned from Uganda where I had just met my sweet husband, Paul. I was only planning on being in the States for a few months and decided it would be fun to sell my artwork. Well, those few months turned into more months, and then Paul ended up moving here instead of me moving back to Uganda. As our lives were changing and developing, so was Thistle and Thread. It was exciting to see an opportunity to make a living from my creativity! 
Some time has passed since I sold my first piece in 2014, and Thistle and Thread has gone through quite a few changes. I started by only selling my Modern Embroidery Art to now selling Embroidery Kits as well. It's been a joy to watch this small business grow and serve each of the people I have met along the way. 
Since starting Thistle and Thread I have been able to see my products make their way all over the world, and find themselves in the homes of some pretty special people, and in some really fun media outlets. I have also made some wonderful relationships with other shop owners who are so kind to share my work with their customers. If you would like to see if a shop in your hometown carries Thistle and Thread, you can go look at a full list of my Wholesale Stockists. If you don't see your favorite shop listed, but think I would be a great fit, please send me an email at and let me know! 
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