Three Questions on Custom Ordering

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We are always getting requests for custom orders. It makes sense because there are few things someone loves more than a piece of art made specifically for them. And it is this personalized aspect that makes custom pieces so special for us to create. 

To make the custom ordering process a little easier, we want to take some time to answer some questions that often come up throughout the process to make things a little easier for you as you create your own custom stitched art piece. 

If watching a video is more your style, then use this link to head over to our Facebook page to watch instead of reading. For our readers, let's clear up some commonly asked questions. 

custom hand embroidery art | Thistle and Thread Design

1. How Many Custom Orders Do We Accept Per Month? 

Because of the detail and time put into each custom order, we are only able to accept 8 orders a month. As soon as those are filled up we are not able to accept any more until the first of the next month. Our turn around time for custom orders is between 2-3 weeks depending on the size of the order. As soon as those custom order spots are filled up we do notify those on our mailing list, and if any additional spots open up, or if we are able to open up spots earlier than the first of the month we send out an update to our list as well. You can join our list here to be sure that you are updated on all things custom orders. 

2. How Do I Place My Custom Order? 

When you are ready to place your custom order you can send us an email to or us the contact page on our website. Just let us know that you have an idea for a custom order and give us some details about what you have in mind. Once we receive your email we can send you over some suggestions for the size of your piece as well as a quote for the piece. 

3. What About the Personalized Orders on Your Website? 

We have three listings for personalized pieces that are on our website right now, and those are not included in the limited quantity custom orders that we do each month. There is currently a house portrait, monogram, and last name embroidery piece that is available. We don't put quantity limits on these pieces, so as long as they are listed on our site they are available for purchase. 

custom hand embroidery art | Thistle and Thread Design

Hopefully this has been helpful in clearing up some common questions about ordering a custom embroidery piece from us. We love creating these creative works of art, and would love to talk with you about how we can bring your idea to life. They make great gifts for loved ones and can preserve memories for years to come. 

We can't wait to hear from you and work to create your special piece! 

custom hand embroidery art | Thistle and Thread Design



Is this rabbit one a available?


Hi, I’m only seeing 9 patterns in the pattern shop – is that the correct amount of patterns available?
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